EISKO: Digital doubles for entertainment

3D human scanning, rigging and animation for visual effects and real-time applications

EISKO is an award winning company specialized in the production of lifelike 3D character models for film productions (VFX, commercials, events) and interactive applications (videogames, V-R, A-R, online, mobile).

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Our photoreal and faithful facial modeling and facial animation are based on the accurate reconstruction of highly-detailed 3D capture.

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3D Capture

HD Geometry

Fine morphology acquisition.

Our proprietary capture and reconstruction workflow drastically enhances geometry. Our meshes are up to twenty millions polygons, capturing details down to 25 micrometers.

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Physically-based textures

Real materials acquisition.

Our material analysis outputs pure diffuse, specular intensity, roughness, displacement and normal maps directly from captured subject.

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Consistent facial deformations

Great dynamic of expressions.

We capture a full range of facial expressions. We provide them as regular blendshapes (aka targetshapes, morphtargets, shape keys). Our matching technology guarantees clean deformations, no polygon or texture sliding, ready to use by animators or riggers.

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3D Reconstruction

> Both geometry and textures can be defined onto the topology and UVs of your choice. These data are delivered in standard format at any resolution. Our data is ready to be integrated in your game engine and VFX pipeline, according to your pipeline requirements.

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The most advanced 3D capture and reconstruction system

Our proprietary technology and workflow provide the most faithful human representation, down to the finest details !

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Ultra fast

When seated in the capture system, the capture process takes only a few seconds.
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Our capture system is transportable, lightweight and easy to set-up. The system can be deployed anywhere to be used on set.
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Thanks to a custom process of data analysis, we drastically outperform the usual 3d scan quality. Way, way beyond the usual noisy and blurry results your are used to with usual scan (photogrammetry, structured light, lasers, etc.)
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Our process does not involve any sculpting, painting or manual task like retopology, protecting the data accuracy from manual work interpretation. The reality captured is respected at every step and the perfect likeness of the captured person is guaranteed.
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We provide the character with convenient and clean mesh and textures, in any standard format. We can adapt the mesh to your polygon limit or your favorite topology. Easy integration in all pipelines guaranteed.


A visionary team

Our team includes talented people from very different backgrounds, who are all passionate about digital imagery and 3D human representation.

Cedric's plaster cast CEDRIC GUIARD
CEO / Founder
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Gilles' plaster cast GILLES GAMBIER
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Thomas's plaster cast THOMAS HELETA
Production Supervisor
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Florian's plaster cast FLORIAN CROQUET
Production Manager
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