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Scanning, Rigging & Animation Technology

Eisko's 3D body scanning system

A complete
pipeline for
3D Humans

Model-based 3D Scanning

Better than raw scans: we deliver ready to use 3D models.

3D Human Modeling & Expertise

We specialize on the representation of the human figure.

Industry-standard Facial Rigging

Our rigging philosophy combines excellence with ease of use.

Real-Time & Offline Animation

Eisko only works with tried and true industry experts.


HD Geometry

Our 3D scanning workflow, specifically designed for humans, allows for fine geometries with meshes up to 20 million polygons, capturing details down to 25 micrometers.

PBR Materials

Our material analysis pipeline outputs an extremely pure diffuse along with specular intensity, roughness, displacement and normal maps for fine skin details.

Precise Diffuse

The accuracy of our 3D scanning system and our dedicated reconstruction pipeline reduce the need for manual intervention and preserve original detail for clean and precise results.

Accurate Expressions

Our scanning protocol enables us to capture the full range of a subject's facial expressions, producing blendshapes that are true to his or her own natural expressiveness.

Lifelike Animations

The quality and finesse of our facial rig, along with our specific blendshapes, result in true to life animations which can even reproduce a deceased person's presence.
3D Capture Systems
Eisko has built multiple dedicated 3D Capture Systems for Head, Body and Props 3D Scanning. Each system has a transportable version which can be sent anywhere in the world to setup a 3D Capture Setup in the location of your choice.
State of The Art
Our team of expert riggers has worked hard to deliver an advanced 3D Rig which is highly efficient and easy to use. In the face of innumerable animation solutions, our choice was to developed a standardized products for streamlined integration.
Eisko has cumulated multiple years of experience in Real-Time graphics through multiple video game productions as well as R&D efforts to push the quality of Digital Humans on interactive platforms like mobile or VR.